Week 1 of College

Hello, everyone!

As I am typing this, I am comfortably sitting on my perfectly made dorm bed, fairy lights behind me twinkling a glow, and “The Office” playing in another tab. College is no doubt treating me better in its first week than my four years in high school combined. While I may sound a bit, how do I phrase it? Oh yes, boastful. I may sound a bit boastful but I have a right to be. I am attending a private college, which means tuition is not on an in-state or out-of-state system. Basically, I am paying a lot of money to attend this school and I am most definitely going to enjoy every second spent in my dorm, enjoy every meal thoroughly, and make sure I have an amazing experience.

My first week living away from home proved to be a lot easier than I thought (but don’t tell my mother I said that — I don’t want to break her heart.) We’ve had classes for 3 days and I have spent almost 7 hours in the library so far doing my work. Extremely expensive school=more motivation to exceed academically.

I just wanted to write a post after my first week in college (and surviving it.) I will be back with an adventure, study burdens, and new experiences that I’ll find myself in with time. See you soon!



I thought it was time I came back to this blog and diverge myself in writing. Writing makes me happy and I will now be serious about blogging. So I welcome myself back: I’m now 18 and heading off to college in three days. THREE DAYS.

Now that I’m back to blogging, I am setting a goal to blog at least once a week. I’m keeping it small and sweet as I start back up so I can actually keep up with it. Since I haven’t actually started school yet, I don’t know how crazy my schedule will be and how much time I’ll have. Therefore, once I’m more used to college life and on track with my classes, I’ll blog more.

Another reason I’m deciding to start blogging again is that after about 10 months without a computer I finally got a new one yesterday. So what better way to familiarize me with this new keyboard and screen than to engage myself in a blog once a week. As you can clearly tell, I need to adapt to things.

That’s all for today. I’ll post once more before I leave for school as a sort of check-in and relieve some of my move-in/school-starting stress.

Day 2 of WJMC

Today, Monday, July 18, 2016 was my second day as a National Youth Correspondent at the Washington Journalism and Media Conference. The day was full of exciting places, sites, and lessons.

After waking up from an extremely cold night in the dorm, I ate a surprisingly good breakfast. My advisors warned us to make sure we eat enough because the day would be tiring and long. They weren’t wrong; today was long on my feet and mind. However, it was extremely eye-opening.

We started our day in DC at the Newseum. The Newseum is a museum dedicated to the First Amendment and protecting all that it entails, as well as showcasing journalism and media, which is fitting for this conference. I have visited the Newseum several times, seeing that I am an intern there, but it was so cool to see my fellow youth correspondents experience it for the first time.

Following the Newseum we went to the National Press Club for a politics panel and a keynote speaker. The politics panel included 3 political journalists: Catarina Camia, Sylvan Lane, James Ronsen, and our keynote speaker was Terry Andersen. It was incredible to hear their stories and advice from experiences.

After all of the exhausted correspondents loaded the buses, we headed back to campus for dinner and a color group meeting.

Here I am now, I’ve made some friends from all over the country and it’s only day 2. Of course, I’m finding every opportunity to listen to Hamilton including now. I can’t wait for what day 3 brings! We have some very exciting things taking place tomorrow, but let’s hope I can get a good night’s rest!

Day 1 of WJMC

Today was my first day at the Washington Journalism and Media Conference! Although it was hectic, every passing second makes me more and more excited for what is to come.

Tonight, our first speaker, David Culver, presented during dinner. Not only did his uplifting attitude resonate with me, but I have so many similarities with him. Seeing those similarities made me realize how realistic and possible a career in journalism is. Not only was that a good kickstart to the weeklong conference, but my faculty advisor asked me to ask him a question for our group during the designated questionnaire time. My question was very important for me to know the answer to since it can influence what I decide to do in college. The question I asked Mr. Culver was “How has your degree in Hispanic studies impacted your career in journalism?” His response was geared towards the surface of it, that you should study was is important to you and how you can incorporate it into your journalistic endeavors.

We were with our color group for a majority of the afternoon. My group “Sublime” met in our classroom for the week, where we worked on our elevator pitch. If you had asked me what my elevator pitch was before today, I would’ve looked at you with an extremely dumbfounded face. However, 3 hours later I have my elevator pitch down and ready.

It is really late now and I was seriously considering ditching this blog post to go straight to sleep but I decided not to since I would like to capture today’s events while they’re fresh in my memory.

Tomorrow, we will be visiting the Newseum and the National Press Club for the Politics Panel (ask me how excited I am). It’s going to be an extremely long day with a lot of walking and necessary energy. On that note, I should get to bed. Until tomorrow!

101 Days until WJMC 2016

I’ve been able to talk to other junior correspondents who will be attending the conference over the last few days. Waiting for July 17th to come is so difficult! Even though I live near the George Mason University campus in Fairfax, I will be able to experience it like never before. 

We received our reading list in preparation for the conference which is really exciting. Sometimes I forget this is real and will be happening in just a few short months. I appreciate all of the support and encouragement I’m getting from fellow junior correspondents, friends, family, and community. This opportunity is a blessing and I’m glad I will be experiencing it in only 101 days!

103 Days until WJMC 2016

So close to only 100 days! I received my welcome packet and t-shirt in the mail today. This definitely helped me get through my Monday and made me even more excited for the conference, if that was even possible.

I’m starting to see the hashtag #WJMC2016 on Twitter and am excited to join in the cyber conversation with fellow correspondents and speakers. Only 103 days to go! 

104 Days to WJMC 2016

My name is Gabriella Moghtadaie and I will be attending the Washington Journalism and Media Conference as a junior correspondent this summer. I am excitedly anticipating the Washington Journalism and Media Conference! This opportunity is incredible and I am glad I was chosen to participate. There’s only 104 days left until I arrive at the George Mason University campus in Fairfax, Virginia where the conference will be held. The 5-day learning experience will prepare me in so many ways for the future, and I can’t wait!

I will be updating the countdown on here every few days. I’m extremely excited for my involvement in this course and the amazing speakers and leaders I will meet.