Day 1 of WJMC

Today was my first day at the Washington Journalism and Media Conference! Although it was hectic, every passing second makes me more and more excited for what is to come.

Tonight, our first speaker, David Culver, presented during dinner. Not only did his uplifting attitude resonate with me, but I have so many similarities with him. Seeing those similarities made me realize how realistic and possible a career in journalism is. Not only was that a good kickstart to the weeklong conference, but my faculty advisor asked me to ask him a question for our group during the designated questionnaire time. My question was very important for me to know the answer to since it can influence what I decide to do in college. The question I asked Mr. Culver was “How has your degree in Hispanic studies impacted your career in journalism?” His response was geared towards the surface of it, that you should study was is important to you and how you can incorporate it into your journalistic endeavors.

We were with our color group for a majority of the afternoon. My group “Sublime” met in our classroom for the week, where we worked on our elevator pitch. If you had asked me what my elevator pitch was before today, I would’ve looked at you with an extremely dumbfounded face. However, 3 hours later I have my elevator pitch down and ready.

It is really late now and I was seriously considering ditching this blog post to go straight to sleep but I decided not to since I would like to capture today’s events while they’re fresh in my memory.

Tomorrow, we will be visiting the Newseum and the National Press Club for the Politics Panel (ask me how excited I am). It’s going to be an extremely long day with a lot of walking and necessary energy. On that note, I should get to bed. Until tomorrow!


Author: Gabby

college student with ambition and a love for politics and disney​.

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